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3 Plus 3 Rev Share is keeping cycling steady.


NOTE:  Refer 2 Friends is adding a rev share

plan.  Read at bottom how to get on pif list

for one.  END NOTE.


The main reason that matrix programs stall

is there is no incentive to keep buying new

positions when cycling takes forever.


Buying slows.  Cycling slows.  Matrix stalls.


When you buy a rev share at 3 Plus 3, you

get the following:


A.  One Three Dollar 3x1 feeder spot.


B.  One Rev Share position.


This is the answer to steady cycling.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join 3 Plus 3 or be a member in my downline.



2.  Send me your 3P3 username.


Once verified, you name will be added to my

wait list for one rev share position when funds

are available.


If you decide to buy a rev share, as long as

you are on my wait list, you will still get a

pif for another rev share.


Consider the rev share a bonus.  It’s main

purpose is to keep cycling steady.


Sponsors who recruit members for the

3x1 feeder get a $3. sponsor bonus when

their downlines cycle.


I love this feature as I am receiving sponsor

bonuses at least 2 – 3 times a week.


As new feeder positions get placed, everybody

moves when feeders cycle.


If you click on the spreadsheet link at

3P3 at least once a day, you will see

slow but steady movement.  Click on

the tabs of all matrices, at bottom of

the page.


You need to get your username on the

rev share spreadsheet as many times as

you can, over time.


For those new members who want to get a

Free Rev Share position at Refer 2 Friends,

when it is available, click on this link.



You will be joining under a Coop member.


Send me your R2F login information.


Use 123456 for password, then change it

when you get upgraded.


If you are in my R2F downline, just send me

your R2F username.  You will be added to the

pif list for a rev share position when I have

the funds.


Don’t wait for me, however.  Buy one for yourself.


As long as you are on the wait list, you will

eventually get one.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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