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Join The Solar Energy Revolution

For the first time ever, a game changing new solar technology 

has been paired with all the best features of blockchain 

technology. This combination is disrupting the whole energy 

industry, and making the old, high-cost power grids obsolete.


Solario, Inc. has been founded in 2018 to share the potential 

of this groundbreaking technology with the whole world.

Through a GLOBAL 40-month CROWDFUNDING campaign, 

EVERYBODY is invited to join our Solar Energy Revolution.



SOLARIO is  combining  a PATENTED 3.8 times more efficient 

solar technology with the power of blockchain technology, 

giving us the ability to deliver renewable clean energy 24/7 

to any place in the world...at a price so low that it feels like 

free energy.


 It is our goal to globally provide 100% clean renewable energy 

and at the same time, to reduce the costs for electricity by at 

least 50%. 


Thanks to Ethereum blockchain technology, we will be able to 

establish local Micro Power Grids all over the world, delivering 

the best solar technology and the cheapest clean renewable 



During our international CROWDFUNDING campaign, we offer 

blockchain-based Solario Tokens (SOLR). Each SOLR Token is 

a voucher good for 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity. 


The first phase of this 40 MONTH campaign was launched in 

May (2018), Offering 6 million SOLR tokens at US$1.00 per token.


Imagine a world where clean energy is available WHEN you 

need it and WHERE you need it, without polluting our beautiful 



This is your chance to make a difference...Support the 

Solar Energy Revolution!


For more information, including a detailed WHITE PAPER, go to




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