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You're not making this mistake too, are you?
"You're not making this mistake too, are you?"

Guru marketers...you either love them or hate them.

I personally can't get enough of the big marketers
and their launches. I love to see the way they
choreograph everything like magic.

But the main reason why I like to watch what they do
is because they usually actually teach you a lot of
good content!

After all, they got to be big, wealthy marketers for
a reason, they are the experts, so it pays to listen
to them.

I don't always buy their products, but most of
the time, the free content they give away is
filled with great, useful content and worth my
time to listen to.


One thing I learned today....

Just today actually, I watched a video from a popular
8-figure internet marketer, who talked about "How to
turn your business into an 8 figure business"..

Of course, I was interested...and it was like I was
learning everything all over again!

There was ONE thing I learned however, and it was like
a big "red light" flashing in my face...like I never
realized it before.

And this is basically what he talked about....

The basic concept is, that when people make a decision
to take action, it's based on one of two motives.

1. To move towards pleasure


2. To get away from pain

For most "average" people (as in 'non-entrepreneurs'),
the basis for most of their decisions is to avoid pain.

For example, they don't go to the dentist until their
tooth is really hurting badly...or they don't fix
the garage door until it's completely broken.

They put off making decisions and taking actions,
right up the moment until it's going to be worse
if they continue to put it off.

Now as for entrepreneurs, they make their decisions
to move towards pleasure. They go flat out chasing
their dreams and turning their ideas into reality.

So how does this affect us marketers?

I'm assuming that you have that "entrepreneurial"
spirit....I like to think I do too..but we must
realize that most of our prospects no NOT.

We have to realize they think differently to us.

Your "average Joe" takes action to get away from
pain more than he moves towards pleasure.

And that's where I've been doing it wrong..

In the majority of my marketing activity, I've been
focusing my marketing messages to get people take
action to move to the pleasure, when it should
be to help them get away from pain.

Can you follow me?

For example, a headline that reads...

"Get 23 million twitter followers in 4 minutes!"

..will probably not motivate people to take action.

(anyone who believes that kind of headline anyway
needs to get some sense drilled into them)

Compare it to a headline like this...

"5 reasons why 95% of your emails don't get read,
(and how you can fix it)!"

If you saw both of these subject lines in your
email inbox, which one would you open first?

I'm willing to bet on the latter.

You can see it irritates a problem that will continue
to give them pain if they don't fix it..

Notice the subject line of this email today.

"you're not making this mistake too, are you?"

No-one wants to make a mistake. We all know how
painful mistakes can be.

You opened this email because you want to know
what mistake you might be making so you can fix it.
So I hope this email shed some light on this common
mistake and now you know how to fix it.

Just remember, the people you are targeting
have real emotions and are not robots...and
most of the time, they will take action to
avoid pain rather than gain pleasure.

Something to think about with your next offer
or marketing campaign.


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