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Get a Free Wind Wave matrix position at Cash Wave.

Wind Wave is a 1x2 feeder matrix that

cycles fast.


You will get a $10. pif so you can enjoy

the benefits of this powerful matrix.


Tell me where you saw this ad.


You must be a member of Cash-Wave.com and

Cash-Wave.net but you do not have to be in 

my downline.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Cash Wave.com if you are not a member.



2.  Join Cash Wave.net if you are not a member.



You do not have to be in my downline but you

have to be in both of the above programs, to

get the $10. pif.


Join one of the following programs below that

you do not belong to:


A.  Trend Trax Pro.




B.  Rotator Traffic.



C.  Postman Hits.



D. Traffic Exchange Matrix.



E.  Hungry for Hits.



Click at the top of page to join HFH.


3.  Surf 100 pages of the program (A – E),

that you joined.


Send me the referral link of program

joined (A – E) and the number of pages



4.  You must also join one of the below 

programs that you do not belong to:


A.  Peki Mailer.




B.  Royal Poodle



C.  Yorkie Mailer



Send me your referral link of Peki

Mailer, Royal Poodle or Yorkie Mailer.


If you join any of the 3 mailers as

a Free member, use the following

promo code to get 200 credits.




If you decide to upgrade, drop me

a line and I will give you the promo

code to get 4000 credits.


5.  Send me your CW.net login.


If you want to use 123456 for password,

that’s fine.  Change it after you get 



Once everything has been verified,

$10. will be transferred into your

Cash-Wave.net account and one 

Wind Wave position purchased.


Why Wind Wave is so powerful.


When you cycle WW 4, you get the following:


A. Birthday Bash ($25) 10 Positions.


Mid-level matrix. 


B. Kringle ($8) 2 Positions.


Mid-level matrix. 


C. Tidal Wave ($50) 2 Positions.


High-end matrix. 


D. Cash-Wave ($20) 1 Position.


Mid-level matrix. 


E. Tsunami ($30) 1 Position.


High-end matrix. 


F. 1 Re Entry to Wind Wave 1.


Repeat the process over and over again. 


G. Cash Out $12.


If you want to know exactly what

positions you get when you cycle

the above matrices, click on the 

matrix map at each site (CW.com & CW.net). 


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight






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