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Focus on the Service you provide, not the reward you receive.
Hi, Aaron Here,


Focus on the Service you provide, not the reward you receive.



  In the end, what we have and achieve in life is simply a

reflection of the service we gave.  Whether it is what you

gave in the way of your service in sales...  The benefit that

your products gave to the consumer, the lives you saved as a

physician.  The lives you enriched and shaped as a teacher.

The more we give and the better we give, the more we have.


  When the focus of your activities are on the money you

will earn, it diminishes the service you provide and the

outcomes you achieve.  On the other hand, if you focus on

providing the best options and services to your clients...

when your heart is in doing the best job possible for your

customer, they know it.  And soon, the world knows it and

they will be beating a path to your door and money worries

become a thing of the past.  It all starts with focusing on



  Nowhere is this more true than with ASN.  You don't earn

by taking, by high pressure sales, or by anything other than

giving.  Concentrate on the services that you are offering to

the public.  You, literally have the ability to change people's



  With ASN it is simple, the more you give, the more you earn.

The more opportunity you give away, the more you will achieve.





To Your Success,






Aaron Newby



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