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Itsy Linx and Millionaire Cycler. Gift codes available for Pif in MC.

You can read about the potential of MC

when you click on the join link, so let’s

get to the good stuff.


This process has 2 steps.


Step 1.


1.  Join Millionaire Cycler.



2.  Send me your login information.


Use 123456 for password, if you want,

then change it after you get upgraded.


3.  If you are already a member of MC,

to get this pif, you must create another

account, using different username and

email address.


4.  Send me the following:


A.  MC username of sponsor.


B.  Your MC username.


C.  A gift code will be used to upgrade you

in Millionaire Cycler.


Step 2.


5.  Join Itsy Linx.



Just a few words about Itsy Links:


Are Your Links Getting Banned?

Are your affiliate links showing up as broken 
in your emails?

Itsy Linx is a state-of-the-art link shortener 

that offers superior marketing tools including, 

graphical stats, an advertising platform plus 

top shelf email marketing, list building and

a tracker, so you can see which sites are

pulling prospects.


Here is how to get a bonus in my Millionaire Cycler Coop.


1.  Join Itsy Linx.



2.  If you join as a Free Member, you

will get 2 Guaranteed Paid Signups from

My Millionaire Cycler Coop.


This will be added to what is still due you

or, if you have already received your 2,

you will be re-added to get 2 more.


3.  If you upgrade to a Pro member in

Itsy Linx, you will get 10 Guaranteed Paid

signups from my MC Coop.


You will also receive priority.


Priority means that all members in

Coop not on priority will have their

links paused until you get 4 paid signups.


4.  If you upgrade to Expert in Itsy

Linx, you will get 20 Guaranteed Paid

signups and priority.


5.  If you upgrade to Founder in Itsy

Linx, your MC referral link will remain in

my Coop permanently.


Once priority members have received

their priority allotments, all other members

in MC Coop will have their link re-activated.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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