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The Solo Ad Mailer That Constantly Amazes
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I belong to mailers all over the net.
If there is a mailer out there, chances
are I am on it.

I own and operate dozens of mailers myself and I 
am known online as the Queen of Lists but...

There is one Solo ad Mailer that I am 
particulary proud of.

It is the PFFA mailer at Profit From Free Ads


The site launched 385 days ago

We have sent over  14,918,549 solo ads since launch

Our Tycoon (Level 7 members) who can mail every 
2 days to the list of over 5000 are getting average 
click through rates of 15% or more even after a full Year.

I am seeing rates as high as 20%.

This is really amazing!

In fact, all our paid members who use the mailer
at any level are getting very high click thrus.

Most mailers will give you a high rates the first month
of operation and then the the clicks thru rates
fall to between 1 and 4 percent.

Not at PFFA.

It keeps going like the Energizer Bunny.

If you want a Mailer for Life that continues to
amaze, join PFFA here


Go Get Um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Join at Level 7 and get the same amazing rates
our Tycoons are getting day in and day for Life.

There are no credits you have to earn at the 
Tycoon Level 7. 

Just use the mailer every 2 days.

Earn across 7 levels- Up to 548.50 per sales

Our Tycoon level is our best seller.
You can make those high commissions week in and week out.

We promote your PFFA affiliate link for you
for Life at Level 7. 

If you can swing level 7 grab it as you sign up.
Shoot for the Moon. Become a Tycoon.




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