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Don't have any MONEY??? Earn Money Online!

Don't have any MONEY??? You Earn Money Online!


On a fairly regular basis, I get emails from people

who say they want to have a home based business or

be successful in online marketing.


BUT they don't have any money.

Most times these people just quit.

Or they go from one deal to the next, looking for the

pie in the sky opportunity that will NEVER appear.


They use the EXCUSE that they don't have ANY money as

the reason why they can't do online marketing or a home

based business and have success.


When I hear people say that they can't do online

marketing because they don't have any money, the first

thing that comes to mind is:


"You don't REALLY want to do this."


Because IF you REALLY wanted to do this, you would FIND

a way.


"Aaron, how can you say that?", you ask...


What if I challenged you by saying, "If you come up with

$500 dollars by next Monday, I will give you $100,000."


What do you think the odds are you would have $500 by

next Monday?




You see it's NOT about whether you have money, it's

about whether or not you are motivated ENOUGH to



Take this example.


Let's say I lived in Alaska.


I wake up in the middle of the night and I

want some ice cream.


But it is the middle of winter. It's 10 degrees outside

and there is snow all over my car. If I really want ice

cream I am going freeze my tail off, shovel off the

snow and drive to the store in a car that does not have

time to warm up.


But if I don't REALLY want ice cream bad enough to go

through all the effort and discomfort, I am just going

to roll over and go back to sleep.


I didn't really want ice cream. I was just WISHING for

ice cream.


There is a BIG difference between WANTING something

and WISHING something.


MOST people are just WISHING for money, a better life,

and nicer things. But they do not want to go through

the EFFORT and DISCOMFORT of acquiring them.


They have bought into the lie that success is easy or

happens like winning the lottery.


And all they do is look for reasons WHY they can't do



The problem with that approach is it becomes a way of

life. And the only way you are going to change things

is if ONE day you wake up and say.





I am going to do SOMETHING to change my life NOW.

And I am going to START TODAY.

And I am going to do WHATEVER I need to do, to

accomplish MY DREAMS. Because no one else is going to

do it for me.


There are ALWAYS going to be EXTERNAL obstacles and

forces that tell you, that you can't do something.


But YOU have to KNOW what it is DEEP down inside that

YOU really want.


Because without that you do NOT have FUEL to keep the

FIRE burning HOT enough and LONG enough, to make the

journey from FAILURE to SUCCESS.


So if you are saying, "I don't have any money."


Then my response to you is.


"That is EXACTLY why you should be doing online

marketing or have a home based business. You need the

money MORE THAN I DO. And therefore you MUST find a way

to do this business."


Think about this.


If you are a GROWN adult over 25 and you do not have a

few hundred dollars to start a home-based business,

something is SERIOUSLY WRONG.


Maybe you...


* made some bad life choices.

* don't manage your money well.

* have wrong priorities.

* don't take personal responsibility for your life.

* or are just plain lazy and don't want to work.


I don't know what the reasons are. And I don't need to

know. But what you need to do is take a SERIOUS look

in the mirror. Ask yourself, "What is it that I TRULY want

out of life?"


WHAT IS IT? (and this may take some time for YOU to



And whatever YOUR answer is, that is your motivation

for DOING ANY home-based or online marketing business.

You need to do this for YOUR reasons. Not mine and not

anyone else's.


If YOUR REASON is BIG enough and motivating enough.

you will do WHATEVER it takes (morally and legally) to

make it so.


Because ONCE you find the thing that TRULY motivates

you, there will be NO MORE EXCUSES.

You will be UNSTOPPABLE.

But you MUST have a BIG enough REASON why!


Because YOU WILL HAVE obstacles and hurdles and setbacks.

And you will NEED a BIG REASON why to PUSH you through

EVERYTHING that will try to stop you.




It is a FOUNDATION PRINCIPLE for ALL accomplishments

throughout human history.


Think about this.

There are people who immigrate to the United States

with nothing more than the shirt on their backs, start

out as dishwashers or some other menial job and within



Do you think they are any smarter? They sure didn't

have any money. They had to do it all on their own and

they started at the BOTTOM.


Your success is NOT determined by you NOT having any

money. It's about you FINALLY getting a REASON WHY that

motivates you enough to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION.


Success is when OPPORTUNITY meets a DETERMINED will.


It's about you GETTING off your rear end and QUIT making

excuses and START DOING something with your life that



(Quit sitting around EVERY night, getting your

brain PICKLED from watching MINDLESS television shows

that SUCK THE MOTIVATION AND LIFE right out of you.)


Sure it's going to be TOUGHER starting out with no money.


If YOU don't do anything. WHO is going to do it for you?

If YOU don't start now. WHEN are you going to do something?


Nobody is going to do this for you.


Mom and Dad aren't going to pick up the pieces.

The White Knight in Shining Armor is a myth.

And there is NEVER going to be a perfect moment when

ALL the stars are in alignment and The Prize Patrol shows up

on your doorstep with the BIG SWEEPSTAKES check.


You have to do this yourself.


When you FINALLY have the ATTITUDE that you are going

to do WHATEVER it takes (ethically and morally) AND


because you have a DRIVING REASON WHY you will have

EVERYTHING you need to START achieving your dreams.


You will find a way.

You will be creative.

You will work harder.

You will work smarter.

You will keep going.

You will not stop.




This message does not JUST apply to your online

marketing opportunity...this message applies to your



And if you do NOTHING with any opportunities I offer you,

BUT you take this message to heart and APPLY it, in a way

that MOTIVATES you to change your LIFE then I have done a

lot better thing for you than selling you on why you

should be part of Aaron's opportunities.


Now, I know there are some people reading this who

REALLY are in unfortunate financial circumstances

BEYOND their control. This article was NOT intended to

insult or belittle you or your situation in ANY way.


I would like to highly encourage you to reevaluate

your situation. Because if you REALLY want something

better in life, and make up your mind to DO something

about it, and stick with it, you can change your WHOLE



It won't be easy. But it will be worth it.

You can do it if you have a BIG enough reason why. And

even IMPOSSIBLE situations can change, sometimes in an instant.


I KNOW this is true because many other folks have had

businesses collapse and  had to start from GROUND floor



Once they got off the pity potty, looked in the mirror,

realized what was really important in their life, they put

their shoulder to the plow never looked back, worked with an

UNRELENTING determination to NEVER, EVER quit, they

created success beyond what they ever imagined.


My hope for you is that you will take this message to

mind and it will light a fire in your heart so that you too

will be UNSTOPPABLE in whatever you are called to do.


Your Partner In Success,

Aaron Newby




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