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Jerky Business Details (John Boy Walton mt.) fresh-tender-moist

Jerky Business Details  (John Boy Walton mt.)

So let’s go over the cost of either purchasing jerky or building a jerky business.

Building a brick and mortor business can take thousands..I know I have done it..

Here at jerky direct the cost are nothing compared to a brick and mortar start up..

Right now if you want to just purchase jerky as a customer click here but if you want to activate your affiliate account and build the business here are the costs

We have 2 entry levels as an affiliate

1st entry level  is $24 plus 3.95 shipping 2/bags of jerky , plus business platform , $10 payout

Second entry level is $74.00 ,  8 bags of jerky  plus 3.95 shipping , $25 payout 

Pick which one works for you..

Here is what you will Receive:

Complete Business Package
Build the Business Your Way
Full Access to the Compensation Plan

Purchase ?at Affiliate Prices
7 Skills Training ?
Sales System & Marketing Funnel Training
Personal Website? with Marketing Funnel
with Intregated Contact Manager
Full Back Office? Access
Earn Commissions from Retail Sales
Get Others to Join You and Earn even More
Attractive Business
Great Tasting Beef Jerky

Plus a sponsor (Me) that cares and will support you  , with many incentives to help you advertise your business..

Now with Higher Commissions.. we are looking at a better Jerky Direct .. Now if the costs scare you, ask yourself  if I wanted to start up my own  brick and mortar business, all by myself  what would it cost.. $$$$$

Enroll Today

You would pay much more , I can tell you that.. People dream of being their own boss.. Let's Make it happen..

There is no other Jerky networking company online.. No competition!

I have to be honest the jerky is fantastic.. 

Sure you can buy jerky elsewhere but do they offer a business opportunity , a real business ?? Plus our jerky is fresh… our jerky Is premium grade..

We will talk again in a day or two..    http://www.JerkyDirect.com/migrantduck

If this interest you , contact me   http://www.JerkyDirect.com/migrantduck/Join


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