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Position Yourself Now...
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You are going to want to Position Yourself Now
BEFORE we launch out new site called Grabber Mail.

We are working on a very special Solo Ad Mailer 
that will be launching soon.

The mailer will be part of our Why Not Join Me Site
and be unlike any other mailer you have ever seen.

There will be 2 paid membership levels for the Mailer
Professional and Expert

Pro will sell for 197.00 per year
Expert will sell for 497.00 one time

I am not going to go into the details now of how
this unique mailer will work but...

Let me just says this...

This mailer will do things no other mailer on
the net does and ,if you are Business or Founder
member of our site, Why Not Join Me, you are going 
to get this unique mailer FREE.

Why Not Join Me Business Members will get the Pro 
membership FREE for 1 year.

Why Not Join Me Founders will get the Expert Level 
FREE for Life.

That means you can pocket 497.00 dollars FREE
if you are a Why Not Join Me Founder and

You can pocket 197.00 FREE for one year if you
are a Business member of Why Not Join Me.

But there is a Catch...

You must be an Business or Founder Member of Why Not
Join Me BEFORE We launch our new mailer.

To get in on this action and to position yourself
for our new Solo Ad Mailer become a part of
our Why Not Join Me Community of Savvy Marketers.


Choose Business or Founder as you sign up.

Position Yourself to Get In FREE when we launch Grabber Mail.

My Partner, Phil Basten, Is always cooking up 
something special, Grabber Mail is a 

Position Yourself Now.

This is a win-win for you.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Why Not Join Me
JAM Marketing Inc.

PS: Why Not Join Me Increased Our Sales over 285 Percent.
You can watch how in the members area of Why Not Join Me.

No Matter What level you join at: you will benefit from
Why Not Join Me. Savvy Marketers are already using this
site to increase their sign ups and Sales



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