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...Under the Red Awning- Dec 3rd

Meet Us...Under the Red Awning- Dec 3rd

Hello from Jane and Phil

We are going to create some High Impact
with you on Dec 3rd.

One of our JV partners, Ken McArthur, has
been making an impact, for years on and off
the net and he set up a special Impact Session
for you in NYC on December 3rd.

On Thursday, Dec 3rd, you can get some
of that impact just by showing up under
the Red Awning.


If you are anywhere in the vicinity of
NYC on that date, let’s have dinner and
meet and exchange ideas.

Phil and I are great blabber mouths and we
may have an idea or two to share with you
on how You can make an impact both on and
off the net.

I hope you will join us

For all the details go here.


You will know us by our Sokule labels.

Look for the Sokule Label and you will
not be able to miss us:)

What's a Sokule Label?

Go here and look at the logo.

We will be wearing it on Dec 3rd.

Make sure you let us know early that you
are coming so we make the arrangements
for you. To RSVP just go to the link
below and lets us know you will meet
us under the Red Awning.

All you need to do is show up.

If you are anywhere on the East Coast or
even if you want to hop on a plane or
a train and join us, we would love to
meet you and exchange ideas on how to
succeed on the net or what's coming down
the pike and what you are doing and how
you are doing it.

Phil and I grew our business to a 7 figure
level simply by showing up at events like

What's it cost you?

The price of a dinner- and Artes, where we
are meeting, is very reasonable priced and
offers some of the best food in NYC.

What do you have to gain?

See you on Dec 3rd.


Go Get Um


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc.

PS If you want to get noticed in a noisy
world, go here


Grab yourself some Sokule gear and lets
get ready to party on Dec 3rd.

If you are a Sokule Member and you are
wearing Sokule, you will be surprised how
many people stop to ask you about Sokule.
Want trackers? This is an excellent way
to get them. It is also a conversation
started wherever you are.

Not yet a member of Sokule?
Where you been?

Sign up here

Have fun



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