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How to re-monetize your downlines

How to re-monetize your downlines (for free)

What if I could show you a simple, easy,
NO COST way to explode your income with
your existing downline, subscriber list,
prospect list, etc.

Would you be very interested?

Then visit this page for details:

Imagine if this niffty little tool could
increase the value of your organization
up to $75 or more per member per year just
by clicking on a few ads daily. (based on
current statical data)

For example: If you have 1000 members all
using this browser toolbar and clicking
on 6 ads daily (and that's below statical
average), that comes out to $5,400 a month
extra income.

Pocket change, right? Now here's where it
gets totally exciting...

Now, let's say each of your members invite
just 2 people and they invite just 2 people,
your monthly income would be $37,800.

Not bad for a free little toolbar.

And this could likely be worst case senerio
considering the ulta-viral aspect of 'The Bar'.

So, is your mouth watering yet?

Then visit the site for all the details and
don't forget to play around with the Income
Estimater and plug your own numbers in.


Also, you may wish to visit our Power Bar
Club prospecting page at:


This site gives access to 'The Bar', news
and events, training, support and many other
features unavailable through the 'getthebar'
link. All at NO CHARGE.

Please let me know what you think.

Brian D. Anderson


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