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Everyone is ITSYing - Are You?


Itsy Linx is a state-of-the-art link shortener 
that offers superior marketing tools including,
graphical stats, an advertising platform plus 
top shelf email marketing and list building.

Itsy Linx takes your long ugly links, removes 
the risky elements, and shrinks them to a 
handy size so you will never suffer from these 
problems again!

Itsy Linx is ideal for all kinds of marketing.
Social media posts, email marketing, blog posts,
classified ads, articles, text ads, text 

In fact, you can use your Itsy links everywhere
you advertise.

See why top marketers are snapping up Itsy 
accounts like crazy!


And grab your account before the prices rise.

PS: Pay close attention to the Founder offer. You 
can save $100.00 if you take advantage of the 
discount pre-launch price!



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