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Yikes! Jane's Sunday Sermon

Yikes! Is a Fabulous Word

You have probably seen me use it often.

I am still young enough to be surprised
and filled with glee about some of the
smallest things on earth.

The antics of my grandchild elicits a
Yikes! often.

My three Persian cats elicit a Yikes!
when they return from the Vet, with
a silly, ridiculous looking lion cut.

Walking into a suite on a cruise ship
that has all the appointments anyone
could ever want get a Yikes!

Singing Peter Paul and Mary songs with
my partner, Phil, and forgetting the
words gets a Yikes!

Sitting on the balcony in Australia overlooking
a dark, sandy beach gets a Yikes! A soft one.

Yikes! It can be very descriptive.

Yikes! Jane's Sunday Sermon

This week was filled with Yikes! on the net

Sokule, The Gentle Giant, is undergoing
some major changes as it grows into a
monster on the net. All will be revealed
next week and it will be a Yikes!


I won a TV set at a fabulous site that is
light on the pocket book and provides
people with so many discounts that they
are never really out of pocket.


Wait until the TV arrives, I am going to
video it and I am sure that will be a

I met up with the one thing that everyone
needs on the net and that is contact mailers
So many new, good ones came online this week
that Yikes! I didn't know which way to turn
but, like potato chips, no one can have too
many lists to mail to and I am on them all

You can get a fr.ee gold membership right now
today at both these sites. That's something
that should make you say Yikes!



I am building a list for you of 50,000
members and on Dec 3rd I am turning it
over to you. Make sure you get on this site
while it is in pre launch. It is over the
moon, Yikes! It will pay you ten levels deep


A fabulous new Advertising site that does the
work for you is coming online on Dec 1st.

It is so popular that they had to extend the
deadline to give everyone a chance to promote
and upgrade. When I opened up that site this
morning and saw that I had ea..rned 4095.00
before the site officially launches, you know
that got a very loud Yikes!

It's true. You can see it in the 4095.00 in
the back office of the members area.


It was about 4.30 am this morning and I woke
everyone up in the house with that Yikes!

A loud Yikes! can do that sometimes:)

You can make a lot of dough from this site
if youare upgraded with the smart choice

And what I like is that you can get paid
from your personal referrals. You can get
paid from their bonus pool currently 263,650
and you can get paid through your infinity team
(everyone who signs up after you and upgrades)
and they do the advertising for you.
That a Yikes! too.

So this week was a week full of Yikes!

Sokule is flourishing.
Contact mailers are coming in twos and threes
Advertising sites that really pay are here
TV's are large:)

I want your next week to begin and end
with a lot of Yikes!

In order to have a life of Yikes! The first
thing you need to do is to begin to take
some risks and join some good sites that
can move your business forward.

I test them for you.
I know where the good ones are.
I can get you a room full of Yikes!

The next step is up to you.

Have a great Sunday.


Jane Mark

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PS When you join any of the Yikes! sites above.

Make sure that you get the word out on Sokule

1 click from Sokule and you get the word out
on Twitter and 18 other sites. One click and
you ping the weblogs and make Google sit up
and take notice of you.



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