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Grab your piece of the Global Pif Pool.



Buy My Downline admin has gone on an

advertising tear, to build up the Global

Pif Pool.


If a member remains free for 4 days,

they are automatically transferred to

the GPP, where anybody can pif them

and get them placed in their downline.


New way to recruit members.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join Buy My Downline or be a member.



If you are joining BMD for the first time, you

will get a pif into the $2.25 feeder.


If you are already a member of BMD and

in my downline, you are already upgraded

(no pif).


Here is why BMD is so powerful and is

something you can tell your team.  We

will use 10 positions in this example:


A.  Recruit, pif or buy 10 positions in the

feeder for $22.50.


B.  When your referrals cycle the feeder,

you get the $22.50 back.


C.  When your referrals cycle level 1, you

get $10. matching bonus.


D.  When your referrals cycle level 2, you

get $20. matching bonus.


E.  When your referrals cycle level 3, you

get $140. matching bonus.


F.  When your referrals cycle level 4, you

get $2,220. matching bonus.


G.  Total of $2,337 from the $22.50 investment,

plus the 10 re-entries several times, keeping

you and your team earning.


Nobody has a program like this on the planet.


Watch the Global Pif Pool throughout the day,

to grab your chance to buy your downline

without recruiting them.


However, don’t forget to recruit.


Here is another place where you can get

Free Advertising at multiple sites.



Want to get up to 420,000 ad credits per month?



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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