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Daily Fun in the Sun can help build Financial Independence.



This is an unusual Pif offer, in 2 parts.


Part 1 – Daily Fun in the Sun


Join Daily Fun in the Sun or be a member.



If joining for the first time, you will be

piffed with one position in Funway 1.


Read below to see how to get $1.00

transferred to your DFIS account.


Click on Home link at top of DFIS page, to get

all the details on earnings and check out the

Matrix Map.


$1.00 can generate earnings of $1000. in

less than 6 months.


Part 2 – Buy My Downline.


Join Buy My Downline or be a member.



If joining BMD for the first time, you will be

piffed with one position in the $2.25 feeder.


Here is how you can get $1.00 transferred to

your Daily Fun in the Sun account, so you can

purchase another position in Funway 1:


1.  Send me the following:


A.  DFIS sponsors name (check stats).

B.  Your DFIS username.


C.  BMD sponsors name (check stats).

D.  Your BMD username.


To get the $1.00 extra transferred to your DFIS

account, you must join either DFIS or BMD for

the first time or both and then follow instructions

for A – D.


A Daily Fun in the Sun strategy you can take to the bank.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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