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A Daily Fun in the Sun strategy you can take to the bank.



First of all, if you are not a member of

Daily Fun in the Sun, join here.



You will get a pif for a Funway 1 position.


If you decide to hold back some funds for

pif purposes, you can leave $5. or so

in your account.  This strategy assumes no

funds used for pifs.


My premise is that people start with $25.

but if you start with a smaller amount,

such as $1.00, it will just take longer,

but you will eventually be able to follow

this strategy.


1.  Deposit $25. into your DFIS account.


Click on Purchase position, then scroll down

in second box, to see which options are

available for depositing funds.


Send Ginger an email at

with copy of receipt so she can approve

your deposit.


2.  I recommend that you buy 1 position daily

in Funway 1.  If you run out of funds in 25

days, deposit another $25. and repeat.  


Eventually, you will be able to buy positions,

daily, from earnings.


Here are the new changes made, for longevity

and sustainability:


1.  People can buy 5 positions every 5 minutes.


Previously, it was 5 positions every 15 minutes.


2.  Minimum withdraw has been raised to $10.


Previously, it was $5.  Too many requests put

an undue strain on admin to keep up.


Cycling re-entries changed to provide more

push at the Funway 1 levels, which drive

the whole system.


A.  F1 – 1 re-entry when cycling.

B.  F2 – 2 re-entries back into F1 when cycling.

C.  F3 – 1 re-entry back into F1 – Cash out: $3.

D.  F4 – 2 re-entries back into F1 – Cash out: $6.

E.  F5 – 1 re-entry back into F1 – Cash out: $15.

F.  F6 – 2 re-entries back into F1 – Cash out:  $30.

G.  F7 – 4 re-entries back into F1 – Cash out:  $60.

H.  F8 – 8 re-entries back into F1 – Cash out:  $120.

I.   F9 – 18 re-entries back into F1 – Cash out: $750.


Total Cash out:  $984.

Total re-entries - $39.


All this from $1. purchase in Funway 1.  Should result

in F9 cycle in less than 6 months.


5.  When you cycle Funway 6 and earn $30.,

do the following:


A.  Withdraw $15. and use the other $15. to

buy 15 positions in Funway 1 over 15 days.


6. When you cycle Funway 7 and earn $60.,

buy 30 positions in Funway 1.  Withdraw

$30.  You may be able to buy 2 positions in

Funway 1 per day.  


7.  When you cycle Funway 8 and earn $120.,

buy 60 positions in Funway 1.  Withdraw

$60.  You may be able to buy 3 positions

daily or more.   


8.  When you cycle Funway 9 and earn

$750., withdraw $750.


If you tie your STP or bitcoin account to

your bank account, you can start depositing

earnings into your bank account and use that

money for bills, rent, food, vacation, etc.


As long as there is consistent buying at the

Funway 1 level, in 6 – 12 months you could

be earning $50,000. - $100,000. per year and

each year the earnings grow.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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