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PIF and TeamBuild - All Done For You

Looking for low cost opportunity with huge earning potential?


Struggle to get signups?


May be Buy-My-Downline is the solution for you.


Check the program and if you decide to join my team build, I will help you to start at zero risk for you.


My special offer comes at 2 Parts.



Part A: PIF


Join BMD under a team member from this link:




Use as a password: “temp1234”


Email me with your login details and the name of your sponsor. I will verify and if everything is ok, I will PIF you with a fun matrix position.


When you get your PIF, you can change your password and do the following:


Promote your own link


Buy some downline from the Global PIF pool / awesome feature!/


Join my co-op and get 4 paid members under you.



Part B: Co-Op


If you want to join my co-op, you must pay one-time fee of 5$ to any of the processors below:


paypal: thedevilmari@gmail.com


stp: magicasolutions


btc: 1DJAX31NQ9unr6yKzDMChs8bQDXqEgakfC 


When you complete your payment , email me with your transaction id and your Buy-My-Downline affiliate link. When I confirm your payment, your link will be put at this rotator and will stay there until you get 4 paid members under you.


Note: When you get a sign-up from the rotator, email me and change your pass again to the temporarily one. I will enter and PIF your referral for you.


New: Bonus PIF for my team members


If you are at my downline at BMD- I wll PIF you in at their sister site - Simple Easy Mate.

Brand new, just launched.


Join and claim your second PIF here: 



Any questions? Drop me a line.




e-mail: magicasolutions@gmail.com



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