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[JV] Simply get people on webinars! And you get $$!!!
[JV] Simply get people on the webinars! And you get $$!!!

Micheal Savoie & Yvonne Lyon from Beverly Hills, FL here...

... and today I wanted to let you know about a totally awesome
program that a Canadian friend of mine is running.

Yeah, yeah... he's living in snow country... but tells me the skiing
is great and the mountains spectacular... Grabs a flight south
whenever he wants, too.

Anyways, Rob's product re-launch is happening 24 November
2009 and prospects need to register beforehand, which is totally
awesome because if you have a list of any size... you can make
oodles of cash before Santa and his reindeers show up.

This is the perfect scarcity and limited time offer product to

Check it out now...

BTW, the last time he offered his program... conversions hit 62%
and now he's doing it one last time for 2009.


As you'll quickly see, this is an affiliate information page not the
product sales letter for one specific reason...

Making money online is all about emailing your lists, but you
probably want to check the details first... agreed.

In short, its a "30 day business 'fast start' coaching program" for
Internet newbies and those who struggle to succeed.

And proof... check out all the testimonials his previous students
sent him.

Everything is here...


You're lists are going to love you, but more importantly the
pre-Christmas cash should come in real handy.



Also, Peter Parks and I are doing a free webinar on
Thursday that will make you 50% commissions on the
$197 product we are going to make a limited offer for
on the webinar.


Peter is a high $ closer on Webinars, so get your
people on the line and Peter will get the $ in your

I only like to pass along invitations to
giveaway events that are the very best...

this time I want to let you know about
an event you absolutely CANNOT afford to miss.

My friend Jason James is opening up version 5
of his now famous "Greedy Giveaway" and here's
the really cool part...

You will earn $1.00 per active contributor you
refer! You will get paid right after the event
ends too via PayPal, no strings attached!

Sign-up here right away and begin earning:

Jason's events always pull in at least 20,000
members each time... how would you like to
explode your list with 1,000's of these subscribers?

There is one small catch...There is only a few days
to get involved as this event happens Nov. 25th, 2009.

Go over to this page to get started ASAP (It's free!)

Speak soon,

Micheal & Yvonne

PS - The Internet's Most Effective 30 Day Business 'Fast Start'
Group Coaching program... has opened to affiliates, don't delay.

PPS - Okay, maybe you don't want to read 19 customer testimonials,
but in case you do... click & see them below and yes, all these 'raving
fans' paid full price for the product.


PSS - If you really want to *maximize* your exposure
during this event I HIGHLY SUGGEST you upgrade to a
paid account to leap frog everybody. Here's where to go:



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