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How would you like to earn Bitcoin daily?



Satominer is an industry leading Bitcoin

mining pool. All of the mining power is

backed up by physical miners. Mining

with the latest algorithms allows them to

make as much Bitcoin as possible.


We aim to provide you with the easiest

possible way to make money without

having to do any of the hard stuff. 

When you join for free, you will automatically

receive a total daily pay of 5000 satoshi (which

equals about 18 to 20 cents daily).


Join Satominer here.



You can withdraw to your bitcoin account

when you earn $7.00. Withdrawals are

usually received within 30 minutes.


At $0.19 per day in earnings, you will reach

$7.00 in approximately 37 days, as a Free



The maximum withdrawals are based on

your payment plan level.


All plans pay for about 60 days.


When you join, all you need is a bitcoin

address and a six-digit numerical code.


Please write down this code as this

information will be your login information

and is non-retrievable.


If you want to read more about the various

upgrade plans, read further.


You may upgrade to 1 - 8 payment plan levels

which are shown below. 


My suggestion is to join as a Free Member and

if you like what you see, you can upgrade later.


You will earn commissions no matter what level

you are on, even as a Free Member.


6% 1st level

2% 2nd level 

1% 3rd level

.05% levels 4 and 5.  


Here are the 8 Plan Levels. All plans pay 7 days per week:


A.  Basic level costs 0.002 Bitcoin (about $7.20) and

pays 8000 Satoshi daily (about 28 cents) for 60 days


B.  Standard level costs .005 Bitcoin (About $18.00)

and pays 25,000 Satoshi daily (about 90 cents) for

60 days.


C.  Enterprise cost .015 Bitcoin (about $54.00) and 

Pays 85,000 Satoshi daily (About $3) for 60 days.


D.  Professional costs 0.05 Bitcoin (about $180) and

pays 333,000 Satoshi daily (About $12) for 60 days.


E.  Platinum 1 costs 0.11 bitcoin (About$395) 

and pays 800,000 Satoshi daily ($29) for 60 days.


F.  Platinum 2 costs 0.187 bitcoin (About $673) and

pays 1,400,000 Satoshi daily (About $50) for 60 days.


G.  Platinum 3 costs 0.238 bitcoin (about $856) and

pays 2,000,000 (2M) Satoshi daily ($72) for 60 days.


H.  Platinum 4 costs 0.38 bitcoin ($1367) and pays 

3,330,000 (3.3M) Satoshi daily ($120) for 60 days.


If you come in at a lower level and wish to leverage

up and you will only have to pay the upgrade difference. 


For example, if you come in at the Standard level -(18 dollars)

and choose to upgrade to the enterprise - (54 dollars) you

will just pay the difference of (54-18=36).

Satominer has been around since May 2018 and is still

going strong.  You will get a full return on your payment

in around 12 days.  Everything is pure profit after that.

They even make this fun by giving away free spins 

to earn even more Satoshi.    


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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