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Sokule-Investor's Business Daily and The Limo

Sokule-Investor's Business Daily and The Limo

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Yesterday, Sokule Drove around the corner, in a Limo,
and popped up in Investor's Business Daily.

Big Mouth, that's me:) had some things to say and you
can see the article that was done about Sokule right


The article called:

Messages on Twitter and More...

Is an important Milestone for Sokule and we are so
delighted that you are part of the start up phase
of Sokule and are along for this wild ride we are on.

Sokule is making some noise and some history
on the net and we want you with us as go.

I think Pete Barlos, the writer, of the article
captured the essence of Sokule with his caption
under the picture that says:

"Jane Mark stresses the fact that her startup service,
Sokule, was generating revenue right out of the gate."

Generating revenue for You is what Sokule is all about.

There is really very little you need to do except use
the posting ability that Sokule offers you and let others
know about Sokule so that you can share in the revenue
by pocketing that Green Spendin Stuff through the
comm**issions you earn.

There are two ways for you to ea'rn at Sokule.


First: Use the Posting function at Sokule to
get your message out to your trackers at
Sokule and all of the other Social Media
sites we offer.

You are in business.
You need to promote that business everyday
That is the purpose of Sokule...
To expose your business all over the net.

You are not only reaching your Sokule trackers
when you post, but you are reaching everyone
on Twitter the 17 Social Networks at the same time.

You are pinging the weblogs and making Google
take note of you every single time you post.

Make sure you are logging in everyday to Sokule and posting.
That is the way you spread your message about your business or
service all over the net.

Go to the Post message box which is now the first
box you see in your members area.

If you are an upgraded member of Sokule, you will want to
use the longer Sokwall posting space where you can post
an article or promo, as long as you want it to be, and
get it onto all the Social Networks at one time. You can
fill that that article or promo with rich content and key
words and you will get much more bang out your postings
that way because Google is looking for fresh, interesting
content and keywords and you can do that much more effectively
by using Sokwall than you can with your shorter posts.

Using the Social Media post available to you in Sokule is
the way you get your message out fast and easily and you
should be doing it every day.


The second way to make mon*ey at Sokule is by ea-rning comm*issions.
Let people know about Sokule. Many will upgrade under you and, when
they do, you will get pa*id

You are part of the Sokule Revolution now.

Make some noise and before you know it you may be in Investor's
Business Daily and in a Limo of your own.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule, you are missing out
on one of the best Advertising sites we have ever developed
on the net. Get on it now and start pocketing that Green
Spending stuff


Go get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


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