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Double or Nothing-Which will it Be...1 Day Holiday Special
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I have to run out early so I will make this quick.

If you act now you can DOUBLE your dough today.

As many of you know I am over moon about
one of our sites, called Front Page Mail

It has 2 of the most unique and responsive
contact mailers that my partner Phil has
ever designed.

I use them all the time but I also do this..

I buy up keywords whenever I like at Front
Page Mail and almost of all of them cost
me just 1 buck.

These keywords match what I am promoting.

I own these keywords for life and I can
say, without hesitation, these keywords
pay for themselves over and over again.

Why do I want to own keywords...

Here is the easy answer...

They get me onto the front page of
Google faster then sound can travel.

Let me show you.

Do a search on Google for the words
Jane Mark Recommends

Here is what you are going to fine.


You can see front page mail is right there
in the number 1 spot on Google

Now do another search on one of my favorite phrases.

Think Bigger Reach Higher Get Richer

Here is what you are going to see

Again I am in the number 1 position on google
and look at what the first image is right under that.

Dang if it isn't our Front Page Mail logo.
Even I am gobsmacked when I see this.

I own the keyword Jane Mark Recommends
I pai-d a buck for the phrase.

I own the keyword phrase-
Think Bigger Reach Higher Grow Richer
I pai-d a buck for that phrase.

And that 2 buck purchase put me on the
front page of google in less then 72 hours.

How did that happen.
Easy as pie.

I simply attached these Phrases to emails
that I sent out using the Front Page Mailers
and Bingo there I am on Page One.

I used to pay thousands of dollars to get
my sites listed on the front page of Google
Some search engine guru use to do it for me.
Not anymore.

You can do this too.
You can get on the front page of google.
Yes you can.

I am going to make it drop dead easy to
do this right now  today.

DOUBLE or Nothing.

Here is what I am going to do to
get you started at Front Page Mail.

Anyone who buys 100.00 or more of keyword
buying tokens will get that amount DOUBLED today.

In Other words if you fund your account today
with 100 bucks I will add 200.00 buy bucks
into your account. This will let you buy
200 keywords or keyword phrases and own
them for life.

If you fund your account with 250.00 today
I will double that to 500 buy Bucks.

This will let you buy 500 Keywords and own  them for life.

Here is what you do collect

If you are not already a member of Front Page Mail

Sign up under my link today and I will put
100,000 Free Ad Credits into your account
(Value $500.00)


Once you sign up use this special link to
fund your account and any purchase of 100.00
and above will be doubled today.


Your purchase must be dated today, December
17th in order to collect this double up



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