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Your marriage is not dead. It just went to sleep.
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Your marriage is not dead. It just went to sleep.



Say no to divorce, and rebuild the strong, 

intimate marriage you've always wanted - 

even if your spouse doesn't seem the 

slightest bit interested.



See how at




I don't love you anymore. I want a divorce.



No matter which spouse says these soul 

killing words they drop like an industrial 

hammer on a delicate flower bed.



Anguish, agony, fear, and anger course 

though every vein in your body and you feel 

like screaming.



How did this happen?



Why did it happen?



What did I do wrong?



And the tears flow down your cheeks like 

a raging river crashing over the rapids.



It hurts. 



It hurts a lot.



You feel empty and helpless.



But your story does not have to grind to 

a halt.



What if I told you that this could be the 

beginning of a vibrant, fresh, exciting, 

and truly intimate relationship with 

your spouse.



You'd like that, wouldn't you?



See how at




You see your spouse may not even want a 

divorce. They may have no idea how to

express their needs to you in a way that

does not make you or them feel guilty.



Many marriage problems are caused by poor 

communication and feeling guilty when you 

attempt to express what you need to 

someone you love.



We wrongly think if they loved me they

should know what I need. I shouldn't have

to tell my spouse.



That might be true if your spouse was born 

with the gift of reading minds.



But most of us don't possess that gift 

and good communication is a skill we 

are not born with either.



We must learn how to communicate without 

blame, fear of rejection, or criticism.



We must master the language of love.



So if you want to revive the fire of 

hope and intimacy in your relationship 

again go to this site -






It's the best gift I can pass on to you.



Harvey Korbelik



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