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Here is the rest of the story... on my secret leads
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Here is the rest of the story... on my secret leads

Last week I told you about a site that I was promoting.

I hardly ever promote outside sites that we
have not developed ourselves but...

this one is different.

First I tested it for a full 
30 days before I even breathe
a word to anyone and then...

Here is the rest of the story.

I invested 30 bucks.
In 9 days I got back 1471 in commissions
That's 49 times my money back in 9 days.


I also made sales of 1590.00 of my
own products.

That is 102 times my investment back
over 39 days.

That is one heck of an ROI.

I get a minimum of3000 leads per month plus 
bonus leads so I now have 8100 leads in 39 days.

I can mail to those leads daily,
The mailer has all the bells and whistles,
You will see what I mean once you get inside.

Every month I will get a minimum of 3000 leads
That means at the end of the Year I will have
a list of at least 36,000 leads.

Do you know how hard it is to build a list
of 36,000...

I also signed up 93 new members at my own
sites from these leads and made sales of
over 1590.00 from stone cold leads. 

Think about that.

Even if I never promoted this site to anyone,
I made my money back 53 times over just in 
sales of my own products and I now have
93 new membes on my own lists.

I am over the moon about this new site.

This gets my ten *star* recommendation

Bottom line:

Get the 3000 leads per month
Use the mailer daily
Get Sign Ups
Make Sales.

I would not sit on my hands on this one
They cannot keep this price where it is forever.

I don't usually recommend outside sites that
we have not developed but this one I like.

I think you will too.


go get um



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