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Did you collect your fr-ee 100,000 ad credits-value 500 bucks
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Did you collect your fr-ee 100,000 ad credits-value 500 bucks

Our new site just launched

It's called Email Content Checker

We call it ECC for short

Email Content checker is designed to
help you make dough every day.


Did you know that...

47% of your emails are landing in the spam box
You can change that in a nano second.

Email Content Checker can get you out
of the spam box and into the inbox instantly.

It is designed to help you make sales every day.

It is easy as pie to use
No experience needed.

This is the problem ECC solves.

If no one sees your email, your sales
are doomed from the get go.

You can change that right now.

Take any subject line
Pop it into the  Email Content Checker
It will give you your score instantly

If your score is 90 and above, your subject
line has a 97% chance of getting into the inbox.

If you score is under 90, you need to
change your subject line and raise the score.

We tell you exactly how to do that in under 2 seconds.

Just hit the button that says show me your
score and you will see what is what instantly.

And... If you score is under 90...

No worries, ECC  actually tells you exactly
what is wrong with your subject line and then
it gives you suggestions on how to change it

This entire process takes about 2 seconds to do
and here's the kicker...

It can increase your open rates by 47% or more

That means you make more sales.

See for yourself here:


Once you know your score...

Take you subject line out for a spin
in any mailer that you use.

In fact, you start with the ECC Mailer

The new site has own mail daily mailer
and you reach over 265,00 with 1 click

But it does not stop there.

You get to save your subject lines
and attach them to any site you promote.

ECC sends traffic to that subject line right
at the site as a bonus for joining ECC

You can join Free...but before you do
check out the pricing for the upgrades

Here is bottom line for what upgraded members get

* A subject line Tester
* A Message box Tester
* The ability to save your subject lines and
  get instant traffic to them for life.
* Use of the Email Content Checker solo ad Mailer
* Your Email goes to over 265,000 with 1 Click
* Mail Daily
* Use of of the downline mailer-mail daily
* Give away up to 100,000 Fr-ee ad credits to every sign up
* Build a downline list lickety-split
* Earn commissions up to 198.80 per sale
* Earn from 1 dozen tested and responsive solo ad mailers
* Get up to 1 million free ad credits to get all
  of your websites rotating on our high traffic
  ad profit page.

Email Content Checker is designed to make you money every day.

Sign up under my link today and I will put 100,000 fr-ee ad
credits into your account today. (Value $500.00)

Let's Get started


Go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Launch week Founder Discount Spcial

We are keeping our founder discount open for
the next few days while we add new benefits to this
new site.

If you would like to use this discount paylink
for your upgrade, use it here and we will upgrade
you manually and send you a detailed welcome letter
when your account is all set to go.

Here is the discount link launch link





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