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the sleeping giant has awakened.


Daily Fun in the Sun has shaken things up

a bit, creating a new matrix, to speed up

cycling and get things back on track.


The new matrix is a 2x1 and only takes

2 to cycle.  Cycling is brisk.


Here’s the deal:


1.  Join DFIS or be a member.



2.  Buy a position in the Sun.


Cost:  $5.00.


Fresh money only, so click on How to Join,

to get details on where to send copy of



If you want to use your Credit Card or Debit

Card send Ginger an email with your Name, Email,

Username and amount and she will send you an

invoice from Square Up.


Send to: dfis.receipts@gmail.com


Turn $5.00 into $43. when you cycle out.


Details on the 4 levels:


Here comes the SUN



$5x2= $10. Sun 1

Sponsor Bonus .10


$10x2=$20 Sun 2

Sponsor Bonus .15


$20x2=$40 Sun 3

1 F4 @ @8

Sponsor Bonus .20


$32x2=$64 Sun 4

1 F5@$16

1 Live @$5

Balance $43 for withdraw

Sponsor Bonus .25


This not only cycles fast but speeds up

cycling in the mid-level Funway 4 and 5.


If you join as a new member, I will pif

you into Funway 1, to help get you started.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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