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Look what’s going on BEFORE the Philadelphia Impact Hookup Event!

Let’s spend the day together!

I know that some people are coming to the Philadelphia Impact Hookup Event  from a distance and I want to make it worth your while to make the trip.

Plus …

I don’t get much chance to spend a lot of time with people who live right here in the Philadelphia area.

So …

If you are coming to Philadelphia for the Impact Hookup Dinner, I have a special opportunity BEFORE the event.

We should make a WONDERFUL day out of it!

I  ENJOY working on YOUR projects and answering YOUR questions

So here’s my offer

For $97, I’ll spend the better part of  Thursday, December 3rd with you.

You can tell me about your projects and I’ll give you the very best of my most precious asset — my time.

You’ll get my input on your project…

I’ll answer questions on ANY subject that you want to talk about and you can pick my brain for ideas, potential joint venture partners, strategies or anything else you want information on.

No guarantee that I know everything — guess what, I don’t!

But I’ll give you the best of what I’ve learned from over a decade of Internet marketing and joint venture experience.

Just like the very first jvAlert Live Event …

This is exactly how the very first jvAlert Live Event started out and people who came to the first event raved about it.

I’m not sure how many people would like to spend the day with me, but …

  • If there is one, you and I will find a place to connect and it will be one on one for a day.
  • If there are five, we will take the crew and build a mastermind for the day.
  • Ten or more we will get a meeting room and do hotseats and brainstorming all day.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to book a room for more than about 20 at this late date, so once we hit that number I’ll have to turn people away.

Hopefully, that WON’T be YOU!

My Personal Guarantee …

You WILL get WAY MORE THAN $97 WORTH OF VALUE out of brainstorming, Q&A and looking at your project and the ideas of other people for a solid day.

Then we will double the impact as we spend time together at the Philadelphia Impact Hookup Event in the evening.

Here’s what you need to do right now …

All you need to do to spend the entire day with me is claim one of the remaining slots here:


See you soon!

All the best,

Ken McArthur


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