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Tim Hortons Boycotts Veterans and People with Disabilities:

''Let’s boycott Tim Hortons and take them inefficiently back before the Ontario Human Rights Commission again. Case by case if we have to. Let us honour and respect those who make the ultimate sacrifices and not allow others like Tim Hortons and our very own Premier to knowingly endanger and discriminate against their patrons and citizens rights any longer”-Parker states.
How Will You Remember Our Heros and What Will You Do to Combat Human Rights Abuses in Canada by Tim Hortons?
Ask a soldier what he would be willing to fight for and probably a cup of Timmies would rank top ten on a dark cold night in Afghanistan. It is too bad that same soldier cannot be honoured or even respected back home by Tim Hortons; our government's laws and their human rights agreements. These required Tim Hortons to provide accessibility for people with disabilities over eighteen years ago.
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