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Carls pif page. Helping the little guy get started. A simple strategy.

A simple strategy for 3 Plus 3 and One Buck Fifty:


1.  Check the contest page on the spreadsheet

so you know when a new contest has started.


2.  Purchase 3 positions in 3p3 and OBF, so you

qualify for a random winner prize. 


At a minimum, purchase 1 position for each

new contest.


Check contest page to make sure you are listed.


Sit back and enjoy the ride.  The consistent

winners in each contest will help you cycle faster.


3 Plus 3. 


One Dollar Btc.


Automated Powerlines.


One Buck Fifty.


You Plus Two


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.

Carl Goodnight goodcarl1@gmail.com




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