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Over 13000 Founders Worldwide Are Positioned and Ready...Are You?


There now over 13,000 confirmed Founders worldwide that have 
joined us here at OnPassive

Let me recap the benefits of becoming a Founder... 

This is a strategy that is designed for everyone to earn 
with this. The key points for those who are not active 
recruiters are these.... 

This is the first system to ever offer a 100% success rate. 

- It builds your team 
- It grows your businesses 
- It provides you with endless sites 
- It sends traffic to your sites 
- It's Recruits 
- It Converts 
- It Sells FOR YOU 

Everything DONE FOR YOU ..Everything is Totally Automated! 

*We already have over 10,500 Founders (and growing) 
*We already have over 2.5 million qualified and targeted 
subscribers (and growing) 
*We already have over 2.2 Million in talks for partnerships, 
marketing, etc, who want to avail themselves of our 
network... (and growing) 

On top of that, we also have: 

....Top marketing automation DONE FOR YOU 
....Real time guaranteed visitors and sign ups DONE FOR YOU 
....Breakthrough products to automate your financial freedom 
....Infinite forced matrix creating MASSIVE SPILLOVER for 
....NO Requirements & NO Recruiting (Unless you want to) 

As if this couldn't get any better, there is even an 
Unlimited-Day Refund Policy - Yes, even 5 years from entry. 

The company will re-purchase your position from you at any 
time you ask and resell it to another member. No questions 
asked! (Who does this?) 

This could be the single best thing you could do for 
yourself in 2019, and that is to request and confirm a 
limited Founder position, which you can do right here ==> 

This is only available through private request so you must 
fill out the small form on that page so that all the details 
will get emailed directly to you. 

Go here to request details and your Founder position: 


Here's to an incredible journey in 2019, 


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