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Can you keep a secret?



Asimi is a utility token used for the sole

purpose of selling advertising and viewing



Hashing Ad Space (HAS) is the marketplace

where asimi can be used.


There are over 30,000 members who

have joined HAS.


Members of HAS earn asimi by viewing

ads for 7 seconds at a time.


My suggestion is that you watch the

second video first by clicking on this




If you like what you see, then join HAS

and come back to watch the first video.


Some of the benefits of HAS are below.


Free members can view 1 ad per day

and get rewarded by earning asimi.


Those who purchase asimi stakes can

view more than 1 ad per day and earn

more asimi than Free members.


This is an excellent way to earn from

home and to advertise your online



This is a powerful platform for advertisers

to get their message out.


HAS is building a viable token economy

that is built to last.


The pre-launch stage is the best time to get

in on the ground floor and build up your

asimi tokens.



I help manage a Free members account and

here are some of the results of viewing 1

ad per day:


1.  Asimi is a token that fluctuates in value

just like other cryptocurrencies, but seems

to have settled, for the moment, around $2.50

per each asimi owned.


2.  Surfing for 7 seconds resulted in this Free

member earning 0.5316 asimi.


Using the $2.50 as my guide, she earned

approximately $1.33 in asimi for 7 seconds

of viewing one ad.


Currently, she has 10 asimi in her account,

which is worth $25.00.  This is all Free money

earned by viewing 1 ad per day.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get on board

at this early stage and start viewing your

ads to earn asimi tokens.


This is your license to mint money.


Everybody earns.  No special skill required.


Serious transparent owner.


Don’t miss this one or you will regret it.


Don’t leave money on the table.



Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





P.S.  This is passive income without equal.


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