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Banks make a fortune doing this.



Bitcoin and the technology behind it have

revolutionized the way businesses around the

world accept payment for their services.


Bitcoin has broken down the barriers of

international commerce between people

in different countries.



It has made sending money across the

world instantly and reliable as easy as pie.


However, the price of bitcoin can change

by the minute.


This is bad for some businesses who wish

to accept payment for their services in bitcoin,

but need to use that bitcoin to pay for the

cost of providing that service.


Imagine, Jim from Asia orders a custom

made gold bracelet from an e-commerce

store with bitcoin, when the price of bitcoin

was $3000.


The store fills the order and ships the gold

bracelet to Jim, in 2 – 3 days.  In the meantime,

the store had to hold onto the bitcoin because

the price had dropped to $2500. overnight, before

they could exchange it for regular currency.


Where does the store get the money to pay for

their expenses?



Some companies dip into reserves but the

problem becomes bigger when the business

is dealing in millions of dollars in sales.


Automaticbitcome provides short term private

bridge loans to business at various interest

rates that need cash fast.


These loans provide the businesses the cash they

need immediately and typically last between 1 day

to 3 months.


They are secured by the bitcoin and other assets that

the business possesses, so there is very little risk on

our part.


How do you benefit from this?


The demand for our services is so great that we are

struggling to fund all of the loans we are receiving

requests for.  We need more capital.


You can start with a deposit as little as $3.50.  You

will receive 75% of the profit that we receive for

providing us with the capital necessary to fund

the loans.



You will be paid a total of 6% of your deposit

each day.  This 6% profit is divided up into 24

individual hourly deposits for a total of 60 days.


Withdrawals are instant, directly to your

preferred cryptocurrency.


You can make virtually unlimited income with

our multi-level referral program.


You will receive 8% commission of their new

deposits for lifetime.  You will also earn an

additional 2% of their referral’s deposits for life.


I put in $25. and have already withdrawn $24.90.


Got paid instantly.


Programs like this usually last for 60 days, but

what if this program lasts for years.


I suggest you deposit $5. - $10. and when you

reach your deposit amount, withdraw it and let

the profits run.


After that, put in for withdrawal every $5. - $10.

or whatever amount you put in, initially.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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