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What do customers really want from you?
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What do customers really want from you?

Is it free report?

Is it your free gift?

Is it because you look awesome compared to the
other guy/girl next door?


Is it something else?

You see, {!firstname}.

Throughout my venture, I made a lot of mistakes.
When people praised me on Facebook, I immediately
made assumptions that I could simply sell them
my products and services.

What happened next was... "I said Hi to them".

They asked me a whole bunch of questions.
After I had a 10-minute conversation with each one,
I realized that it didn't go anywhere except I
heard the words:
"Thank You. You are such as nice guy!'

As you guys know that nice guys do finish last.
People take them for granted. People use them.
However, most people never do appreciate them
at all. Why is that?

It is simple, really. The majority of the
marketers are nice marketers. However, they
have no clue what they are doing. This is
the reason WHY they can't tell the difference
between attracting clients versus pushing
them away from you.

  "What do you mean by pushing people away?"

In business, you need to understand the law
of attraction. In fact, there is a saying
that people hate to be sold, but they love
to find the solution for their own problems.

It also means that people need to "discover"
their own solutions when the time is right.

In other words, you need to be found, NOT
finding clients. When you understand this
principle, what you are going to do in your
business is NOT so much about keep bugging
your friends and family to buy your products
and services, instead, you need to share
them the solution and attracting people to
come to you.

This is what I refer to... "Reverse Marketing".

     "What if nobody wants my products?"

There is ONLY two reasons:
A) You are in the wrong niche. -- It also means
   that there is no money in your niche.

B) You need to focus on providing the solution
   to your potential clients. -- Instead of trying
   way too hard to sell your products, it is
   important for you to educate your audience
   on WHAT they need to do to solve their problems.

This is how you are able to provide the right
solution to your clients need and want. That's
all it takes. :-)

Success is YOURS,


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