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Do you know what an Itsy is?
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Do you know what an Itsy is?

This is one of the best ways
that I know of to make dough online.

I have 396 of them and counting.
They are called Itsys

What's an Itsy?

* It's a Powerful Link Shrinker.
* It can be customized making it very unique

* It's a Quality Solo Ad Mailer.
* Mail to Over 5000 every 2 days

* It's a Top-Notch List Builder.

* It's a First-Class Advertising Platform
* We send traffic to your links every day.

This is what an itsy looks like.


If you are not using it, you are
losing sales and you may not even
know it.

You may not know this but over 50% of
links you put in your email are being
picked up at McAfee as risky.

When people click on your link the get
that awful message in BIG RED BOLD

"Risky-This Site May Be Risky. Do You want to proceed."

When people see that notice they head
for the hills and even if you have
a perfectly safe and wonderful site,
it gets blocked and you lose.

Bottom line

I Itsy almost every site I promote.

Not only does that keep me out of the
risk pool but...

I can customize the link anyway I like
and that is a big big deal because it
makes the link completely unique.

Anyone can do this
It takes about 3 seconds to create an Itsy link
We make it drop dead easy.

No experience needed.

Now you know what an Itsy is.
I hav 396 of them
How many do you have?

Let's get started


go get um

Jane Mark
JAM Marketing Inc

PS: Watch for the Founder Offer as You Sign up
You will pay more for it in the members area.

Founder Level lets you customize your links like I do.
You can create unlimited links like I do.

It Gives You access to a Fabulous Itsy Solo Ad Mailer
Reach 5000 Every 2 days plus all Itsy Members

It Gives you stats on how each of your Itys linx are doing.

Earn 40% on every sale.

Shssh don't tell anyone but...

This is one of  Phil Basten's best moneymakers.

If you are not Itsying your links, you are losing sales.
That's the bottom line



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