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My Little Big Moneymakers

If you are short of funds, but still want to start earning online -there is a solution.


Here is my small collection of proven, working programs where you can start small and earn big.


 Before to post the links, a honest warning:



Dont join just because of the joining itself. Make theese programs work for you by doing some daily promotion. Persistence and deducation are the key to success.


Last note. You can join at as much programs as you wish: one, more or all of them.


Good luck!



Part 1



1/ Adfinia – still in pre-launch. Launches when there are 1000 members.


You can get a free position here. You dont get it on auto after completing your registration. You must purchase it inside for 0.00 bucks.


Once you get your position – you need 6 people to cycle. Each cycle earns you 10 cents and re-entry. If you are active promoter – you can earn enough to purchase a position in the main cycler when the site launches. All – with no cost for you.


So join Adfinia asap using that link:





2/ One Dollar Btc




Long time online for a reason. You can start with just 1.05$ and need 6 people before to cycle.


TIP: Use the PIF option for people you know. Work closely with them and show them how to dublicate. The pif concept : “I PIF 2 and each of them PIFS two...” is proven and working.



3/ Automated Powerlines




Here you have low cost entry – just 1$ and you can use PIFS too.


TIP: You will get a pass-ups here at each level, but only if you have a good team of promoters under you. So your main focus must be find some serious people, work and motivate them. PIFs themselves work for some fast commissions, but dont guarantee you a progress.


4/ Two2Prosper




1$ entry, 6 people to cycle, PIF option and Global PIF pool. PIF pool is for thoose people that dont promote, but can buy some referrals to fill their lines.


Note: You must be really very lucky to see somebody at the pool. Usually theese signups come and go very quickly.



5/ 500 Bitcoin




Member-to-member payments, Start with 1,75$ feeder . You can choose between company forced plan and personally forced one.


Tip: company forced one is easier, but slower.


You will get 3 payments at your wallet. Use them and purchase the main plan -5$.


Promotion here is optional. You can simply plant the seeds and wait patiently your payments, if you prefer the lazy way.



Part 2


Here are some programs that I recommend mainly because of their 48 hours purchase contests. You are not required to enter the contests, but if you do it – you can get part of your cash back in a form of prize.

If you want – you can just have your position here and get your push by the regular contestants. It`s a win-win.


1/ Join Magic Dollar here:




Purchase your 1 level entry for just 1.25$


Enter the downline builder and you will see 3 more programs. You already know 500 bitcoin , so if you are a member -simply update your referral id.


The other 2 programs – One Buck Fifty and You Plus Two are similar to Magic Dollar. Same owner, similar benefits.



2/ Join You Plus Two



Purchase a feeder position for just 1,50$



3/ Join One Buck Fifty:




Purchase a Starter entry for 1.50


Newest winner at Magic Dollar family is here - Simple Little Matrix introduced!


Check their payplan and join asap:




Entry is just 3$ 




Tip: Come back to Magic Dollar and update your ids. Therefore if you decide to promote MD – your referrals can follow you at the other programs as well. With no extra efforts of your side,



If you have any questions- just drop me a line.


Daniela Germanova


e-mail: magicasolutions@gmail.com



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