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The secret weapon to more opens, sign ups, and payments.


Did you know that just a few small tweaks
to your emails, could yield more opens,
more sign-ups, and more payments?

I'm not kidding.

I think you might be surprised if you
knew just how many of your emails were
landing in the spam box instead of the
subscribers inbox.

But you can halt that trend instantly.

Email content checker has arrived.

If you are tired of letting the spam
filters steal your buyers and want to
make some more greenbacks each time
you send out a mailing; you need ECC.

If you have a hard time writing stuff and
you need help coming up with alternate
words and phrases, you need ECC.

If you want to test your subject lines,
and messages, before they are blown-up
by the spam filters, you can do that
easily and quickly with ECC.

Forget no payments or slow payments,
email content checker (ECC) is the answer.

Grab email content checker before midnight.

You'll be glad you did.

richard moore

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