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gofounders/onpassive - real & unique online revenue

Good Day - ok, so what makes onPassive unique?


The one main feature that  makes gofounders/onpassive unique is that everyone who signs up is guaranteed to make revenue, yes everyone.


Let me explain. When onPassive launches, you could team up for free. As paying members below you team up, you will make commission into your back office wallet. At this point you can only see the growth in your wallet but cannot access the funds. As a free member, there is no pass up of commissions to members above you, your commissions are saved in your wallet until you become a paid member! When the balance reaches $25, you use that to move to the 1st of four paid membership levels. This process repeats until you are at the top, level four, with your monthly fees being paid out of your commissions wallet and any amount over that available to you to withdraw. As a paid member, in your back office, you will have access to every imaginable tool that internet marketers spend heap of cabbage of dollars on.


onPassive is 100% Done for you.


no recruiting.


Paid Members are Placed Below you!


People can sign up for free and watch their wallets grow.


When OnPassive launches, new members will be drawn in like a magnet!


Your other option is to purchase  a Founders position, now, before OnPassive launches. The cost is $97 for the first year. You then stay as a free member and wait for your wallet to be funded or, to speed the process up, purchase  into one or more of the four levels.


When onpassive launches, these Founders positions will be frozen for at least six months and will cost $977 when they are available again. As of Jan 28, there are now 29.000 registered Founders! Below is a list of Founder advantages.


founder membership benifits

1) no recruiting-Paid Members Placed Below you!

2) Priority Positioning above post launch members

3) Early invitation before the general public

4) Beta Tester

5) Member of Inner Circle

6) Help with Brainstorming

7) Have the Privilege to suggest / vote / give feedback

8) Access to Exclusive Live and Recorded Webinars

9) Priority Notification and Positioning in all future revenue Streams and Programs

10) Recognition on promotion Material and Funnels

11) Exclusive access to Founder Zone

12) Exclusive Founder campaign Rotator during pre-Launch to 500,000 Pre Qualified Subscribers! Immediate Post launch campaign to over 2,2000,000!

13) Ongoing Bonus Contests. Top Position Profit is split weekly between Top 10 Founders

...... and there will be much more as the program evolves.

14) Get the 90% markdown on Founder membership before launch!


I hope that you will consider sign up  me and the other 13,421 Founders  in this wonderful , windfall a Free Member or as a Founder. Over 29,000 Founders have register since Jan.7


register us today


All the best 






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