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Automated 5s in on fire. How I promote for you.


1.  This site is automated.


You simply purchase a level. No waiting

for a member to approve your payment.


Once the processor receives the funds,

they upgrade you.


2.  No fiddling with bitcoin hash ids, which

many found confusing.


Down to business on how I can help you

get signups:


A.  Register from this link.



You will be joining under a member in

my Automatic 5s rotator.


B.  Upgrade before sending me the

following information:


1. Click on My Positions link on the left

and copy the Level 1 line.


This will tell me if you are upgraded.


2.  Click on the Statistics link on the

left and tell me your sponsor.


I will be able to verify if you registered

under a member in the rotator.


3.  Your Automatic 5s username.


Once verified, your link will be added

to my rotator.


A simple strategy that you might follow:


Upgrade to level 2, if you can, so you

don’t get jumped.


Any questions, drop me a line.


Daniela Germanova

e-mail: magicasolutions@gmail.com 




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