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Welcome to our race to give away 10 oodles dollars

Welcome to our race to give away 10 million dollars worth of our membership cards.

Have you ever heard of making $100 for sharing a video?

We want to do this every time you share!


WHY?  We need to reach partners all over the world and are willing to compensate you to help us.

What do you need to do?  That is EASY! SHARE!


Every time the people you share our link to share, you get a $100 (USD) credit.

When they share, you get an extra $100 credit.

You can cut and paste this link for sharing:



Or better yet use our tools at http://www.thegcard.com

After our awareness campaign ends, you will be given an opportunity to double your free cards by choosing to purchase a business package from us. Of course you could simply pay the shipping and get the free cards and be done but we believe you will want to take this much further when you learn how easy, exciting and lucrative this opportunity is.


Thank you,

theGcard Team

We are locating partners around the world by rewarding you for forwarding this video. Each time a new person that you invite qualifies, you earn a $100 credit. They can do this too and when they get $100 you get $100 more.


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