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Read This Carefully, because it can change your financial situation for good!


Why Smart Contracts?


It's direct, Person to Person - so there is no middle man slowing you down from receiving your income. It's instantly deposited into your Trust Wallet (for cell phone users) or MetaMask (for computer users).

It's Decentralized - Bank free method for transferring the Smart Contracts without the need for any third parties, including admin. That's right, no need for an admin. But they do have a tech support in case issues may arise.

Small Transaction fees - Unlike bitcoin where you will have up to $4 in transaction fees like coinpayments, it will be just a few pennies in most cases.

Quick Processing - With Ethereum your transactions process in under a minute versus bitcoin which can take hours before showing up and clearing funds.

Tire Kickers Can't Stop This - Whether you can't refer or just don't want to, there is no way tire kickers can interrupt the developing of your network. If they do not keep up with the purchasing of contracts, they will lose commissions (roll ups) to their upline.


Why to join Fomo 5 Elite?


Because 3 powerful team builds work to build your network: 


The original Fomo5Elite


Build My Team


My own team -created to help my signups to grow


You are not alone and nobody has left behind. So if you are really serious about making money online and you are not afraid to spend arround 30$ in ETH -  just follow the steps bellow:


1. Join Fomo5Elite from the rotator bellow:




2. Create your wallet at Metamask and deposit ETH


3. Activate your 1st level centre. That`s it. You will use your earnings to upgrade at the next level.


4. Send me your affiliate id.

Note: this is important. If you skip this step, you will still get spillover, but i cant promote your link for you. 


You will get a rotator entry and the team strategy to follow.


Welcome to your new and better future!


Feel free to contact me with questions, if any.


Daniela Germanova


Team Leader


email: magicasolutions@gmail.com 


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