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Follow the leaders in Ultimate Dailies and Mine the Gold.

Earn Free Bitcoin


Leaders are continuing to purchase feeder

positions daily as they fight their way to the top,

in the purchase contests.


Feeder positions cycle into subs.


Each sub creates a new matrix position, daily,

for at least 6 days, on auto-pilot.


Automatic purchasing of matrix positions is the

wave of the future.


Everybody is cycling. 


Get a pif to help you get started.



You will be registering under a member of my

Ultimate Dailies rotator.


If you remember, please send me the

following information:


1.  Name of sponsor. Click on stats button.

Sponsor is on top left.


2.  Your Ultimate Dailies username.


You will get a pif for a feeder from your

sponsor or you can just upgrade yourself.


However, if you remain a free member

for 48 hours, you will go into the global

pool, where anyone can pif you and claim

you as their sponsor.


Either way, you will get a pif.


Click on the Home link to get details of both

the sub and the feeder.


You can do well even if you have no referrals,

but if you decide to recruit, there are generous

sponsor bonuses.


There will be a feeder contest, to keep purchases steady.


A few strategies that you might employ:


1.  If you have limited funds, deposit $1.00

and purchase a feeder.  When you cycle the

feeder, you get an automatic sub and your

feeder fee $1. back.


2.  If you have more funds available, deposit

$6.00 and purchase one sub and a feeder.


A sub costs $5.00 but you get a new matrix

position, daily, for 6 days.


3.  Those with even more funds should try

to deposit at least $25.


Purchase 4 subs ($20.) and 5 feeders ($5.).


You can purchase multiple feeder positions

at the same time.


Short term goal is to have 10 subs but the

longer term goal is to build up to 100 subs

and more.


Do selective withdrawals while at the same

time keep building up more positions, to

generate ever greater revenue.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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