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Let's make staying at-home pay-off for you.
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Let's make staying at-home pay-off for you.

Did you know you can turn 17.00 into 2023.00 from every-sale?
Yes, really you can.

A new site just launched.

It's called Panic Attacks and How To Survive them.


It's a simple and quick read giving you easy
17 easy ways to cope with these tough times.

My partner, Phil Basten and I wrote this book
with 2 simple goals in mind.

1) To give people emotional coping tools for these
tough times that we are all going through together.

2) To give everyone working at home a way to pocket
some dough and not just chump change-some real dough

The Book is called:

Panic Attacks and How To Survive Them.

It has a report with it that you can download
for f-ree or you can buy the book for 17.00 bucks


You can go one step further and brand the book
with your own ids and that's where the 2023.00
bucks per-sale comes in.

Yes! I did say 2023.00 bucks.

How is that possible?


We put 4 of our most popular sites into the ebook
and when people upgrade in those sites you can pull
out a whooping 2023.00 bucks and that ain't peanuts.

You can find out just how easy this is to do by doing this

Go to Panic Attacks and How To Survive them


Sign up f-ree
Buy the ebook and the branding as you sign up
You will pay more for it in the members area.


Log into the members area and put your ids in
for these 5 links

You username at Panic Attacks
Your username for ProfitFromFreeAds
Your username for FrontPageMail
Your username for Onyalist
Your username for Sokule


Everytime you give away the Free report and sell the
ebook you can make up to a whopping 2023.00 from just
that one sale.

This is as simple to do as 1 2 3

sign up
Buy and brand the ebook
Pop your usernames in your profile in the members area.

Grab your affiliate link and you are on your way.

You will be helping someone cope with the moment
in these difficult times and make dough at the same time

Let's make staying at home pay-off for you.



Jane Mark
Panic Attacks and How to Survive them

Special offers...

Watch for the one time offers as you sign up
You will pay more in the members area.



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