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Did you know you can turn 94 bucks into 2023.00 with 1-sale?
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Did you know you can turn 94 bucks into 2023.00 with 1-sale?

Just launched...from Jane Mark and Phil Basten

An ebook that you can find in your local
online book store right-here:


You can join and just read the free report
but if you want to have access to some big
bucks do this

1) Buy the ebook- cost 17.00
2) Brand the ebook cost 77.00

Your total-investment if you buy on the way in
from the oto offer is 94.00 bucks

If you buy in the members area it is 124.00 all up.


Promote the book
Earn up to $2023 from every sale.

Here is how this works

When you sell the ebook you make 7.00 per sale
When you sell the branding of the ebook you make 40%
of the branding sale

And here is where it get really interesting.

The links that are in the book that you brand are:

The book itself

These are 5 of our best converting sites and you
can make out like a bandit just by giving away
the f-ree report.

If someone signs up under you in those sites through your
branded book and upgrades to the highest levels over time,
you pocket up to 2023.00 from just that one initial sale.

2023.00 from one-sale- That ain't chump change!

In the meantime you are growing a list and you can mail
to that list daily.

This book was designed to do 2 things

1) Give people emotional coping tools for these
tough times that we are all going through together.

2) To give everyone online in any country a way
to pocket some real dough by buying and branding the ebook.

Help yourself while you are helping others.

Lets's get started.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Panic Attacks and How To Survive Them

Special Offers:

Be sure to watch for the one time offers as you sign up.
You will pay more in the members area.

Find out exactly how to turn 94 bucks into 2023 with just 1 sale.

You are invited to join us for a live webinar on
Saturday, May 23rd at 12.00 noon est.

We are going to show you exactly how to turn 94 bucks
into 2023.00 with just 1 sale and how to do it without
lifting a finger.





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