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This Mailer meets my Wow Test-and it is on sale-today
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This Mailer meets my Wow Test-and it is on sale-today

Whoa! Wait Until You See This.

I have been testing this Mailer
I like what I see.

* Mail to over 6600 members every 2 days
* Your email goes right to contact addresses
* No Credits to ea-rn
* High click through rates.

It will make you swoon too and...

The site is much more then a mailer but...

The mailer is superb.
Try it now

I call it the mailer with the Wow factor
Start using it now


Go get un

Jane Mark
Itsy Linx

Special offer...

Founders Heads Up. Price-Goes Up In A Few Days


Founders mail to over 6600 every 2 days.

Only Founders Can Mail to the Itsy Mailer in addition
to our random mailer and that means you are reaching
a group of High Paying Members every time you mail.

Full stats on your mailings.

Founders Mail to their downline daily.


Founders get unlimited Itsy ads, banner ads and
email ads rotating on our Ad Profit page at a 100 to 1
rotation. This is a LIFETIME of FR-ee Advertising


Earn 40% on Every Sale.

Founders pay once or can pay over 2 months
in our flexipay option.

Note: Founder Price Goes Soon-Grab it As You sign up

I have been asked to leave the Discount special
founder price open for a few days.

Grab The Discount Founder-Price Now at the bottom
of the sales page.

Save 100 bucks when you act now.



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