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WHY Are Professionals Joining Us?

Why Are Professionals Joining Us?


Dr. Bill Williams answers this question in this 8-minute VIDEO ABOVE....




June 23, 2020


Greetings Everyone,


Just 10 days ago I sent an update at which time there were

92,409 folks worldwide who had acquired Founder status.

As I write this update there are 102,687 Founders. This is an

increase of over 10,000 in only 10 days.


Have you ever witnessed growth like this before?


I haven't and I've been doing this for 49 years.


Don't you think this is something that deserves your very

close attention?


I do and that is why, as a Founder, I continue to try to

impress upon all of my subscribers the importance of this

awesome project. 


Why Are Professionals Joining Us?


What if there was a Company that provided the following: 


100% Success 

100% Hands-FREE

ALL Done For You Advertising


The company DOES the Selling

The Company DOES the  Sales  Presentation

ALL Done For You...while You make up to $350,000

ALL you have to do...is REGISTER.


Would you want more info?


If so listen to this 3 Minute Video




Why you should join as a Founder now...

2 1/2 Minute Business Overview




Full Business Presentation (Company, Products, Comp Plan)...

1 Hour Video




Once you have gone through all of the above you will understand why over 92000 folks have made a very wise decision to join us during the current GoFounders phase 1 stage of development and why millions will be joining when ONPASSIVE launches.


There are many reasons for my decision to join this project.

The most important reason is the business model itself. Very simply The GoFounders/ONPASSIVE business model provides the solution to the problem which prevents 95% of participants from developing a residual income stream in any referral-based opportunity. We all know what the problem is. Most people are not ready, willing or able to refer others to a business opportunity.

With most projects, unless a member refers others, he or she will not develop a substantial income stream. The main objective of the GoFounders/ONPASSIVE business model is to generate traffic for each and every participant, thereby enabling all participants to establish an income stream via the ONPASSIVE platform.


"You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete" Fuller R Buckminster


This is precisely what Ash Mufareh has done with his project!


Here are 2 other major reasons for my decision to join....


1. With most business models that provide a monthly residual

income, the participants must pay a monthly fee whether or not they are in profit. That is not the case with ONPASSIVE. All that is required is a one-time out of pocket expense. Participants are not required to make any monthly payments unless and until they are in profit.


2. With most business models commissions are passed upline if any given participant is not participating at the level at which the commission is generated. This will not happen in the ONPASSIVE matrix plan. Instead, they will remain in pending (holding wallet) status until such time as the participant is qualified to receive these funds.


Here is a short 2-minute overview video....




Here is the link to our ONPASSIVE blog....




You will find lots of information on this website and once you

digest this information you will understand why over 92,405

folks have acquired a Founder position and why you should

acquire one while they are still available.


Countless lives will be changed in 2020 and beyond.


Click here to become a Founder......




or use this direct link to the registration page....




If you cannot afford to join as a Founder you will certainly want to join ONPASSIVE when it launches very soon.


Whatever path you choose I wish you well in all of your future





Riya Spano and Ray Blee



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