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Sokule 14K Gold ...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Sokule 14K Gold ...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Women out there will understand this.

Men, you will too if you are about to buy
your better half any jewelry for the holidays:)

The price of Gold has gone sky high.

You may think that only effects
commodity dealers on the stock market.

Nope, it actually affects every woman on earth.


Because, if you try to buy a ring with
a band that is 14 Carat or a 24K bracelet,
you will need to rob a bank before you
can do it.

Same thing with earrings.
They are all turning silver.

A Gold necklace?


14K Gold...Jane's Sunday Sermon

Look at the price of Gold as compared with
Silver on the Stock Market. You could knock
me over with a feather!

The price of gold is over 1000 now right?
Hovering between 1100 and 1200 per ounce.

The price of silver is a measly 18 to 20

I'm no expert, but you can see why it is
so hard now to find those 14K earring backs
and the ring band that was 14K has turned
to 10K or techno bond fake gold.

I don't know about you, but I like my gold
real so if I can't get it, I am going Silver.

No! I am not giving you stock market
investment advice here. I am giving you
a chance to invest in you, one time, and
go for the gold by grabbing the Silver lining.

Here is what I am talking about.

In about 4 or 5 days, all heck is going to break
loose over at Sokule.


The price of Silver is going up.

Silver is our annual membership level at Sokule
and our most popular membership level.

It offers you this:

* Access to every one of our Sokule applications

That means you can

1) Post to Twitter and facebook and 24 other
Social Media sites instantly. 1 Click and
you're done. Sokule does all the work for you.

2) It means you ea'rn a 40% commission on
every upgrade sale you make at Sokule.
You can collect a weekly paycheck. We pay
every Friday.

3) It means you can auto welcome all of
your trackers at Sokule. That's the list
of people who sign up under you and follow
you at Sokule.

4) It means you can email and direct squeek
all of your Trackers at Sokule every three days
That's golden. No other Social Media site
out there offers you this mailing.

5) It means you can schedule 25 squeeks
(posts) ahead of time to go out when you
like. When you are eating your Thanksgiving
dinner next week, your marketing efforts
are working for you at Sokule automatically

6) It means you can edit your posts when
you mess them up like I do all the time:)

7) It means you can post messages up to
500 characters long and they will pop
up on Sokule and on Twitter and Facebook
and 24 other Social Media sites at one

8) It means your posts will ping the weblogs
and make Google sit up and take notice of
you and scream for mercy

9) It means you can post an article or an
ad as long as you like at Sokwall in Sokule
and it will also appear instantly on
Twitter and Facebook and 24 other Social
Media sites. Wait until you see how we do
this. It's magic!

10) You can add your clickbank id and
ea'rn passive income right from your
Sokule site.

11) You can upload video and graphics
and live links and text adds to your
Sokule page.

12) You can put in your bio, your picture
your logo. Sokule makes your marketing site
flexible to suit your own style.

13) You get 100,000 extra Sokens Value

14) You get every application that we
add to Sokule over the next year. It
comes with your membership.

15) Twitter times Two. If you have two
Twitter accounts, your Sokule Membership
will let you post to both Twitter accounts
from Sokule instantly.

Sokule the Gentle Giant is working for
you every day, 24/7.

But...here's the catch

The price of the annual membership is going
up by 100.00 just as soon as our programmers
can implement this change in the members area
of Sokule within the next few days.

We are doing this because Sokule is growing
so fast and this membership level is
particularly popular. At some point,
we will need to limit it either in number
or by price.


We want you to grab the Silver membership
at Sokule right now at a remarkable, holiday

Call it an early Christmas gift while we
organize the change in the members area.

Here is the special link that will be live
to the public from today until next Friday
Nov 27th only. Then it goes away. Flies
the coop. Gone with the wind.


After that only new sign up will see this
link as an oto at Sokule and the price
in the members area to upgrade will be
100 more.

You can take advantage of this holiday
special today.

Here is what you do.

Sign up to Sokule free here

use the paylink on this page to pay for
your silver membership.


We will upgrade you manually within 24 to
48 hours after payment and you will be set
for the whole year at Sokule. One low
payment and you are in like Flynn.

If you are already a member of Sokule,
you can still use this link to upgrade
today just by making the payment through
this page and we will upgrade you manually.

There is a way around that high price of
14K gold.

We are giving you Silver at a huge discount
Grab it while you can.

Who needs Gold when you can get the Silver
at Sokule for a song.

Sign up free here

use this special paylink to upgrade
to silver


Be quick. 50 takers and this link comes
down forever.

Offer ends Friday, Nov 27th at midnight est.



Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: Since this is a special offer page
that we are creating for this holiday
special only. Commissions will not show
for this in the members area of Sokule.

No Worries please. We will have a record
of all sales made through this link and,
if you are the sponsor of someone who already
belongs to Sokule and upgrades, you will
get paid a commission on that sale.

PPS: If I were you, I would take quick
advantage of this offer and then lickety
split get it out to your own lists and
contacts and put that green spendin stuff
in your own pocket.



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