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5 Passive Income programs with a secret matrix.

The same admin has added a special matrix

position to 5 top programs.


This helps keep cycling steady and constant.


You should have at least one position in each

special matrix.


You can generate a serious earnings stream,

leading up to big payouts.


Click on the spreadsheet link in the members area

to get full details.


1.  Magic Dollar Biz – Purchase contest and 3

Phases plan on the spreadsheet link.



2.  One Buck Fifty – Private Feeder tab on the

spreadsheet link.



Purchase five (5) starter position spots ($1.50



Get a free rush matrix position.


3.  You Plus Two - Multiple Feeder Contest.


Cycle level 3.  Get 2 Hope matrices

plus other rewards.  Check multiple

feeder contest and multiple feeder

tabs on spreadsheet to get all details.



4.  3 Plus 3 – Bonus Matrix tab on the

spreadsheet link.



Purchase 4 bonus matrix spots for $3.00 each.


Compete for top 6 prizes.


You will be listed on the Round 1 contest

page, as well.


5.  Simple Little Matrix - Special 3x1 matrix lines

tab on the spreadsheet link



Check details on site for purchase contest and

small 3x1 lines.


A.  Simple strategy:  Get a least one position

in each secret matrix.  For better results,

you should have several positions.


B.  If you are on a limited budget, get at least

one position in one of the secret matrixes.


C.  For really tight budgets, get at least one

of the following positions:


1.  Magic Dollar Biz – purchase 1 position

for $1.25.


2.  One Buck Fifty – purchase 1 position

for $1.50.


3. You Plus Two – purchase 1 position

for $1.50.


4.  3 Plus 3 - purchase 1 position for $1.25.


5.  Simple Little Matrix - purchase 1 position

for $3.00.


There are many other ways to generate

a serious income at each of these programs.


Click on all the tabs on spreadsheet link,

to get full details.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight





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