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Dark Days Are Coming - Economists Predict Next Big Recession...


Here’s what you do before it hits



Our economy is about to go in the toilet.


75% of economists believe the United States will enter another recession by 2021, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Business Economics.

Let me reiterate that: over ¾ of economists are expecting a recession to hit within the next two years.

These are not crackpot bloggers writing from their parents’ basements. Kiplinger, CNBC, CNN Business, Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo… they all report expert predictions of losses ranging from 40% (Guggenheim Partners’ Chairman of Investments) to 70% (Economist Ted Bauman). The CIA’s Financial Threat Advisor Jim Rickards has even gone so far as to claim that a 70% drop is the worse-case scenario.

When the Stock Market Crash of 1929 hit, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped only 25 percent – and it was more than the total cost of World War I.

In other words…

The Time to Act is Now

You need a safe place for your wealth. You need a way to protect your family from financial ruin. Plain and simple, you need to Buy Gold.


Gold has a solid history as a safe haven in times of economic crisis, making it an incredibly attractive way to wait out the storm. If you look back at 2008, you will see that gold prices rose 24% by the end of 2009… one year after the worse financial crisis we have seen since the Great Depression.


Look at gold prices today and you’ll see something else: Prices are already rising. Since November of 2018, gold has gone from less than 1,200 an ounce to $1,415 an ounce. People are seeing the signs. Some are predicting gold getting as high as $1,700 an ounce before the year is out. In other words, the time to act is now. You need to secure your gold before the recession hits.


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