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My Profitable 1 dollar business


If you can afford a pizza, you can
afford this business.

How many people do you know who
might be willing to outlay $20.00
to receive...

Condo vacations for $200.00 per

That's a week NOT a day.

Save up to 75% on hotels in every
major city in the world?

Make up to $2,000 to $10,000 monthly
with benefits like these...

* Huge 50% fast-start bonuses
* 70% monthly payout
* 5% leadership team profit sharing
* 10 generation commissions
* Just 2 personal referrals to qualify
  for all commissions
* 40,000 Condo Weeks as low as $200
  per week
* 3 Levels $100 Platinum, $20 Gold
  or $1 Member-Account
* Use your commissions to upgrade
* Top earners can secure a zero-cost
  5-star resort holiday, value $3,000
* This is a fun, rewarding, and
  profitable business

Register in the next 24 hours for
the low-price of a pizza


Richard Moore

4610 warrior rd
vale NC 28168


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