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Smart-marketers shoot for the moon see why
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Smart-marketers shoot for the moon see why

Shoot for the Moon
Become a Tycoon.

This Popular site lets you Profit in ways You
may never have even Dared to Dream Of.

Here's How It Happens.

We are giving you an opportunity to climb right
up to the top by offering you a DISCOUNT easy pay link
on our most popular upgrade- Tycoon , Level 7

This discount link exists nowhere on the site.

It is a VIP link that we used before the site
launched so you will not see this price again.


The Profit From Free Ads site is going wild

Those who are raking in the dough are the ones
who are coming in at the Tycoon level, Ad Pack 7

We have received emails from many members who
would like to upgrade to our top level 7 but
would like an easy 3 pay

When you speak...We listen.

Here is a Discount link that will let you
upgrade to Level 7  with 1 payment or in
3 easy pays.


Why is our Tycoon Level 7 Special-

Here is The Answer:


The Profit From Free Ads contact Mailer
is one of the most responsive mailers on the net

Mail Solo ads for Life to all PFFA Members
Mail Every 2 days.

No Credits To Earn!

Just upgrade and mail every 2 days.


Give away UNLIMITED Free Ad credits 70K a Pop.
70,000 Free Ad Credits has a Value of $350.00.

That's one heck of gift to give people and..
it Build a List for you Fast and Easy.

All you do is tell people about the site
and they automatically receive 70,000 free
Ad credits as soon as they sign up.

Those credits pop into their account like magic.

You can email your downline every 2 days


We have delivered over 4 Billion ad
Views to our members

Here are the traffic and solo ad stats

1009 Days since Launch
4,608,678,938 Ad Views Delivered (That's Billion with a B )
49,481,928 Solo Ads Sent (That's Million with an M )

These numbers are astonishing.

This is one heck of a high traffic site
You will want to get your ads seen here.

You can promote your own sites with
banner and text ads.

You Start with 830,000 Ad Credits
in your own account.

That is a value of $4149.99 just for walking
in the door at the Tycoon Level.

You get 800,000 ad credits added automatically
to your account monthly.

That's a value of $3999 each and every month
That will keep your own ads running forever!

You can edit these ads whenever you like.

Only the Tycoon membership Level gets these
monthly ad credits.


Earn Across 7 Levels.
Earn on all sales up to 50%
Earn up to 584.50 Per sale.

Only Ad Pack Level 7 earns on
all 7 ad pack levels.

Pay Once and That's It.
Or Take The Easy flexi Pay option.

You can do either one right here:



We promote Your PFFA Affiliate link for You
For Life when you come in at Level 7.

We give you a free targeted ad spot for life
in our popular Targeted Traffic site called
Never Ending Traffic 4U (That a value of 180.00)

It does not get any better then this.

Dare to Dream Big.
Shoot For the Moon-
Become a Tycoon.

Use this Discount link.


Go get um

Jane Mark

PS: Once You Pay...

This is a manual upgrade. Once you pay,
I will upgrade your account manually.

You will get a detailed welcome letter from me
when your account has been upgraded.

PPS: If you are not yet a member of Profit from Free Ads,

Sign up under my link today and I will put
70,000 Free ad credits into your account
to get you started. (Value $350.00).



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